Wool Holiday Sweaters

Holiday sweaters are incredibly, but perhaps none more so than the wool holiday sweater. Cozy and snuggly, they are festive and warm additions to any holiday wardrobe, and one that every man, woman, child and pet should have!

Wool comes in a variety of types. It primarily comes from a sheep, but other varieties can include goats, llamas and rabbits. 25% of the world's wool comes from Australia where the aforementioned animals are farmed and harvested for their wool.

Wool holiday sweaters are especially popular. Because the most popular holidays fall in the winter season, people are looking for festive, colorful and ornate clothing staples that will also keep them warm and be suitable for all-day wear. Holiday wool sweaters are perfect for this.

Holiday wool sweaters can be worn at home, to work, for pleasure, or even out at night. Holiday wool sweaters are perfect for an evening in, or a night at home with friends.

Wool sweaters for the holidays are also great for everyone. Because of the inherent coziness of wool, children and pets are typically happy to bundle up in a heavy wool sweater. Wool can be dyed to just about any color imaginable, and be adorned with just about any type of button, zipper, trim or decorate ornament to make it especially seasonal and festive.