Festive Holiday Sweaters

Festive holiday sweaters are one of the quickest and easiest ways to show your holiday spirit. Given the current economic status, skip the over-the-top home decorations this year (and the high electricity bill!) and opt for a classic, gorgeous festive holiday sweater to show your friends, family, and neighbors that you are feeling the holiday spirit more than ever.

Festive holiday sweaters come in a variety of styles, fabrics, cuts, and colors, so any taste or preference could be pleased with the perfect festive holiday sweater. Lightweight cotton sweaters can be festive if the fabric is the right color or if it's trimmed with a few festive, seasonal adornments. Cashmere sweaters are the ultimate luxury, and getting them in a classic color like cream or an emerald green is all you need to show your festivity. Heavier wool sweaters are inherently festive. Nothing says cozy, festive Christmas by the fire quite like a seasonal sweater you can bundle up in and snuggle up next to the one you love.

This season, look for your holiday sweater to have a little more wear. In a time where everyone is pinching their pennies a little tighter than normal, make sure your sweater is not SO seasonal that you can only wear it for the month of December. If you go for more classic cuts and colors, you can wear your sweater before Thanksgiving, and through the New Year.