Irish Holiday Sweater

The Irish sweater, also sometimes call the Aran sweater, is the quintessential cold-weather sweater. Originating from the chilly Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland, these are the most popular sweaters that keep you warm through the blustery winter months.

One might not think of the Irish sweater as being a holiday sweater, but it's actually the perfect holiday sweater. Warm and festive, authentic and cozy, the Irish sweater is a not just a great garment to wear during the holiday season. It's also an ideal gift!

The Aran sweater typically comes in the classic cream color, which is festively seasonal on it's own, but can be obtained in reds and greens to really kick the holiday spirit up a notch.

The Irish sweater is versatile enough to wear to all your holiday functions. You can match it with a pair of jeans for tree-decorating day. Wear it to work with some casually dressy slacks. Wear it to your neighborhood holiday party with some fancy jewelry and a pair of heels. The Irish sweater is the perfect addition to your closet this season!