Christmas Holiday Sweaters

Nothing is quite as classic as the Christmas holiday sweater. While holiday sweaters come in many varieties for all holidays, spiritual beliefs and denominations, Christmas is probably the most popular, and no-doubted the original holiday sweater genre.

Christmas holiday sweaters come in all types. The most obvious distinguishing factor is color. While the standard holiday sweaters come in red, green, and white, other colors can fashionably represent Christmas. This season, royal blues and vibrant purples can all have you personifying the Christmas spirit. Gold and silver are elegant for Christmas parties and dressier events.

Christmas holiday sweaters also come in a variety of styles. While the pullover is probably the most popular, cardigans, turtlenecks, and half-zips are incredibly popular. These types of sweaters also come in a varieties of materials. Cotton and wool are hands-down the best selling, but cashmere, alpaca, rabbit and synthetic blends are also very popular.

Finally, it's not quite a Christmas holiday sweater without some decorative features. Glitter, sequins, 3-dimensional ornaments, and woven-in designs all make a holiday sweater a true Christmas sweater. For men, classic is usually better, but woven design or prominent buttons or zippers can add the effect to show everyone you have the Christmas spirit!