Twinset Holiday Sweaters

The most adorable, classic style of women's holiday sweaters is the twinset. It's versatile enough for any climate, stylish enough for all fasionistas, and is the perfect way to show your holiday spirit!

The classic twinset includes an undershell, a sweater material that can be sleeveless, short sleeves or full length sleeves. The outer shell is usually a full sleeve sweater with buttons down the front. To make it a holiday classic, it usually is dyed in seasonal colors and comes adorned with buttons, trimmings and ornaments that feature the holidays the wearer treasures most.

Holiday twinsets can come in any fabric, but are usually made from lighter weight cottons, wools and cashmeres. These tend to layer better than bulkier wools, and allow for easy on and off of the outer sweater to adapt to any temperature.

Holiday twin sweater sets are perfect for any occasion. They are conservative enough to be worn to work, dressy enough for your holiday party, classic enough for a weekend with the family, and stylish enough for some holiday cocktails out with friends. Matched with a pair of pearls, or your favorite snowman earring, the holiday twinset sweater is the perfect holiday garment for every woman!