Snowflake Holiday Sweaters

The holiday sweater is a class tradition that is embraced by many. However, because of the diverse nature of everyone's spiritual beliefs and holiday celebrations, many groups can be excluded from certain holiday sweaters if they don't appropriately represent their own traditions.

The snowflake sweater is a universal holiday sweater that captures the beauty and serenity of the winter snowstorm. Because it has no specific ties to any culture, spiritual belief, or holiday celebration, anyone and everyone can wear a beautiful holiday snowflake sweater.

The snowflake holiday sweater can come in many varieties, including fabrics, such as wool and cotton, colors, such as blue and white, and styles, like a basic crew neck, cardigan, or cozy turtleneck.

Holiday snowflake sweaters are also especially popular because they can be worn long after the holidays have passed. Since the snowflake is the quintessential icon of the beautiful winter seasons, your snowflake holiday sweater can be worn well into March and April.