Turtleneck Holiday Sweaters

Lots of people think of turtlenecks as being something that is worn underneath a sweater. However, sweaters of all fabrics and styles come in turtlenecks, and there is nothing quite as cozy and comforting as the feeling of a snuggly turtleneck sweater keeping your throat warm from the seasonal chills. Now, combine THAT feeling with the festive holiday spirit, and you have the perfect combination that results in one of the most perfect holiday traditions: the holiday turtleneck sweater!

Turtleneck sweaters come in many fabrics, so people in all regions and climates can take part in the holiday turtleneck sweater phenomenon. From synthetic fabrics to wool, cotton to cashmere, everyone can find the perfect turtleneck sweater for the holidays to make them happy!

Holiday sweaters, including turtlenecks, also come in a variety of colors and adornments so people can find a sweater to wear that will truly personify their inside holiday spirit. From red to green, glitter and sparkles, snowflakes, snowmen, and Santa, all types of holiday sweaters can be made into turtlenecks, and all type of turtlenecks can be made into holiday sweaters.

Perhaps the most perfect reason to get a holiday turtleneck sweater this season is it's versatility. This style can go with jeans, leggings, skirts, khakis or dress slacks. For women, match with the perfect holiday earrings for a beautifully classic look. Men can throw a puffy-vest over their holiday turtleneck sweater for a casually cool look that is timeless.