Holiday Sweater as Gifts!

The perfect gift this holiday season is the holiday sweater. Everyone loves to show their holiday spirit across their chest, so why not buy Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa a festive, seasonal holiday sweater? They come in a variety of cuts, styles, fabrics and colors, and holiday sweaters are not the same tacky holiday sweaters from 20 years ago, so you can find one for everyone in your family that is sure to please!

If you want to go one step further, you can knit your own holiday sweaters. Home-knitted holiday sweaters really show your Christmas/Hanukkah spirit. If you're knitting several holiday sweaters to give as gifts, start early. Sweaters can be a laborious knitting process, especially if you're not an expert knitter. Choose warm, snuggly wools that your holiday sweater recipient will want to snuggle right up in, and wear through the whole holiday season. Consider getting fabrics that have designs built right on, so your standard knitting can result in beautiful snowflake pattern or an adorable snowman.

If you're not much of a knitter, but still love the idea of giving your loved ones holiday sweaters as gifts, consider giving your gift a little bit early. Giving your holiday sweater a few weeks early will allow your loved one to really get some wear out of it, and show their holiday spirit in those all-important few days before the big holiday! Plus, you might just get to see your loved one wearing your gifted holiday sweater on the actual holiday, which will leave memories that last forever.