Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Ugly holiday sweaters are all the rage, believe it or not. As far as holiday sweaters go, there have some pretty horribly ugly ones throughout the years, so people are taking advantage of this, and throwing ugly holiday sweater parties! Everywhere you go, you can find someone who has been to an ugly holiday sweater party. Join the trend by reading below for tips on having the perfect outfot at an ugly holiday sweater party.

There are a lot of beautiful holiday sweaters, which seems like it would make it hard to have the tackiest, ugliest holiday sweater. However, all you need to do is go back a few years to find the perfect ugly holiday sweater. Sweaters from the 80's decade are particularly ugly. From oversized sweaters with tacky adornments and humongous shoulder pads, women should have no problem finding the perfect ugly holiday sweater. Likewise for men, sweaters in putrid colors with cheesy designs (think: reindeer with 3-d horns!) are the perfect costume for men.

If you're wondering where to find an ugly holiday sweater, think local! Many of your community goodwill stores or second-hand thrift shops will have some classic hand me downs that will make the perfect garment. Or, consider asking your parents or grandmother for some old sweaters they have in the basement that might suit the purpose.

In the end, you can't blame people for having some seriously ugly holiday sweaters to choose from. The perfect holiday sweaters are the ones that are classic and conventional and will last you for years. Everything else will be the ugly holiday sweater for 2020.