Dog Holiday Sweaters

Love the idea of showing that your family is festive and in the holiday spirit, but don't want to spend the money on a holiday sweater of your own? Think smaller! Dog holiday sweaters are the perfectly adorable gift for man's best friend, and your little pooch won't put up half the fight in wearing one that your husband will!

Dog holiday sweaters are loved by everyone. Pet owners and dog lovers alike will all grovel over your adorable dog holiday sweater. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles, as because they use relatively little yarn compared to a human holiday sweater, are pretty inexpensive. Dog holiday sweaters also come adorned with some of the same features as human holiday sweaters, which make it extra-cute to dress Fido up. Hoods, fur-trims, toggles, buttons and zipper can all make your little guy or gal the cutest canine on the block.

On a more practical level, many dogs get just as cold as humans in the cold weather. They may be covered in fur, but those walks around the block can send a shiver down their spine. Likewise, small dogs tend to get chilly in the winter, and wouldn't mind an extra layer in the cold winter months to keep them just as snuggly as you are in your sweater. Get your pet a dog holiday sweater to make him warm, festive and plain adorable!