Cleaning your Holiday Sweater

If you're buying the right kind of holiday sweater, it will be timeless and classic enough to wear for the next 20 holiday seasons! As such, it's important that you care correctly for it through the wearing season, and care for it one final time at the end of the season so it stores appropriately to be taken out looking like new for the next holiday season.

First, be sure to keep your holiday sweater clean. Wear it a few times before washing it to avoid over-washing it. However, if it starts to smell or look dingy, be meticulous about cleaning it. If your sweater is made of a dry-cleaning friendly fabric, take it to the cleaners. However, many holiday sweaters are made of wools that will disintegrate with the chemicals used by the cleaners, so pay careful attention to the tag. Consider hand washing your wool sweater for extra care and to protect the delicate fabrics that make your sweater look as beautiful as it does.

When getting ready to store your sweater for the spring and summer, give it one final good washing. Lay flat to dry, and give an extra day to dry completely. Do not store in plastic bags, as wools and most other sweater fabrics are materials that need to breathe. Store in a cool, dry place away from light. If storing in bins or other airtight containers, consider cutting a hole for air circulation. Do not store with mothballs, as the wool or cotton will absorb the smell. Rather, be sure to store your holiday sweaters in a place that is free from moths, mice, or other insects that can wreck or ravage your holiday sweater.