Holiday Sweaters for Pets

Could anything be cuter than your pet sporting an adorable holiday sweater? We don't think so either. Dogs and cats alike (as well as some other beloved furry creatures we may keep as pets) all look beautiful in holiday sweater made for animals. Most holiday sweaters for pets are pretty classic. They come in reds and greens and creams, and may adorn a woven snowflake or Christmas tree.

Pet sweaters are perfect for the holiday seasons on all different occasions. Holiday parties are the time you put on your best clothes, why not do the same for the family member that greets people at the front door first! On Christmas morning, while you're snapping on all the shots of the kids opening gifts, what would be more adorable than Fido in his new fur-trimmed hoodie?

In addition to making your pet look adorable over the holidays, holiday sweaters also have a practical purpose. Many animals, like small dogs, medium dogs, short haired dogs and some varieties of cats are especially susceptible to the cold weather, and dressing them in a sweater will help keep them warm in the blustery cold months of winter.

You could also dress your pet in a sweater before a walk around your neighborhood. Not only will it keep Rover warm as the wind blows, but he'll be the talk of the neighborhood.