Holiday Sweaters

Nothing says holiday season like a warm, snuggly holiday sweater. Men, women, children and pets alike all love wearing cozy holiday sweaters during the cold, blustery winter months. There are many different varieties of holiday sweaters, and the possibilities are virtually endless if you're trying to build up your repertoire of holiday sweaters.

Holiday sweaters can come in different materials. Cotton, wool, alpaca, and synthetic fiber sweaters are probably the most common. Wool and alpaca are famous for being warm and snuggly, but cotton holiday sweaters and synthetic blended sweater can be just as warm. Additionally, the variety of materials from which holiday sweaters are made allow people from all different regions of the country (and world!) enjoy a cold-region tradition.

Holiday sweaters are also typically quite ornate. Whether it have holiday shapes and designed knitted or sewn right into it, or it be trimmed and bedazzled with embellishments, it's just not quite a holiday sweater with a few tell-tale icons to distinguish it from just a basic sweater.