Cashmere Holiday Sweaters

The most fashionable, most luxurious of all holiday sweaters is the cashmere holiday sweater. Cashmere is the longest-lasting, most elegant type of material that a sweater can be made from, and as such, those who wear cashmere holiday sweaters are showing their friends and loved one they not only have the holiday spirit, but they have the class and style to back it up!

Cashmere is also known as cashmere wool or pashmina, and comes specifically from the underside of the chin of a certain species of goat. Cashmere is luxurious because of it's fine texture. This texture is strong, soft and light, and when woven, can be extremely warm because of the tight weave and fusing of the fibers. It's much warmer to wear than conventional sheep's wool because of this, however, remains lightweight enough to layer over shells and under jackets.

Cashmere comes naturally in creams, whites and tans, but can be dyed to any color. This is an especially key aspect of cashmere holiday sweaters, as many people like their holiday sweater to come in bright, vibrant colors to really show their holiday spirit.

Cashmere sweaters come in all styles as well. Cashmere pullovers are probably the most popular, but cashmere cardigans and cashmere turtlenecks can be especially glamorous.