Caring for your Cashmere Holiday Sweater

If you're going to invest in a timeless and classic cashmere holiday sweater, you'll want to treat it like gold in order to wear the luxury material for seasons and seasons of holidays to come. Below are a few tips to keep your beautiful cashmere holiday sweater looking brand new for years:

1.Don't dry clean!

You might be tempted to get your cashmere holiday sweater dry cleaned because garments always look amazing straight out of the dry cleaner. However, cleaners use a concoction of chemicals that normal fabrics can withstand, but that delicate cashmere cannot.

2.Don't use the washer either!

Washing machines are great for most other garments, but your cashmere sweater is too luxurious an item to be swished and swashed around a machine. Your cashmere sweater should be hand washed and blocked to dry.

3.Following these simple steps!

First, fill a bucket with lukewarm water. Add a capful (no more!) of fine detergent, and gently manipulate the sweater in your hands. Make sure the water and soap soak through every last fiber, but handle the garment with care. Agitate the water to form suds, but paying extra care to the fine threads of cashmere. Rinse through the sweater with clean, cool water, never wringing it! Lay the sweater flat, and block it to form the shape you want it to take. When dry, store as usual.