Tacky Holiday Sweaters

Holiday sweaters don't have to be tacky. There are plenty of gorgeous, classic holiday sweaters that men, women and children alike love to wear all season long. But, tacky holiday sweaters are tons of fun to wear through this season, either to get a good laugh from your friends or to sport to your annual Tacky Holiday Sweater party!

Tacky holiday sweater parties came into popularity a few years ago, to capitalize on the thousands of ridiculous, horrible, tacky Christmas sweaters from the 70's and 80's. These two eras may be very different from one another in terms of fashion, but they have something in common that makes for some great wardrobe options for theme parties: they are both ridiculously crazy!

Many local goodwill stores or consignment shops will have a hearty stock of some pretty tacky holiday sweaters. If you're looking for something a little newer, but with the same tacky flavor, many stores and online merchants are selling throwback tacky holiday sweaters. They have the same style and feel of the classic tacky holiday sweater, but are new, so have not been worn before, and may be of a better quality.