Cotton Holiday Sweaters

There is no material as versatile, fashionable and perfect for every day as cotton. As there is perhaps no better excuse to wear a sweater than during the holiday season. As such, cotton holiday sweaters are immensely popular, and rightfully so!

Cotton sweaters are probably the most popular wardrobe piece for anyone. Cotton holiday sweaters are perfect for all types because they come in variety of colors, styles, weaves, and adornments. This season, button down cardigan holiday sweaters are especially popular because they can be worn with a light shell underneath, over a heavier undergarment, or over the top of many layers. It is this ability to appeal to all styles and people that is making the cotton holiday cardigan one of this season's wardrobe must-haves.

Cotton sweaters are also great for children and pets. Wool can sometimes be too itchy or irritating for children or pets, so lightweight cotton sweaters are perfect for these populations, and nothing says festive quite like an adorable child or dog dressed to the nines in a cotton holiday sweater.

This season, both neutral and festive colors are reigning. Creams, blacks, whites and maroons are especially popular. For added effect, opt for a jewel tone, such as bright reds, vibrant greens, golds, silvers, and royal blues. This will let all your family, friends and coworkers know that you're setting the trend in your cotton holiday sweater!