Holiday Sweater Vests

The holiday sweater vest is a timeless classic, and can also be known as the sleeveless sweater, the tank sweater or the holiday Langdon. All of these unique names are labeling the same item though: the lightweight, sleeveless, comfortable garment that is worn over other types of shirts, and really shows your holiday spirit!

The sweater best first emerged at the turn of the 20th century, but the holiday sweater best made an especially popular surge in the 50's, where people really wanted to sport their holiday gear to show their cheer! The 1970's saw the sweater vest surging as a mainstream trend, but it is now that the holiday sweater vest is hotter than ever. Nothing says the girl (or guy) who really has it all than the perfect winter wear that shows your spirit as well as your timeless classiness.

The sweater vest is perfect for all holiday occasions. It's great to wear in the prime seasons to work, and perfect with a blouse and some shiny accessories for a holiday party. Dress it down for a weekend with family, or pair it with a skirt and some heels for a night out with friends.

Whatever way you wear it, the holiday sweater vest is perfect for all seasonal occasions!