Wrap Around Holiday Sweater

Finally, the classic trendiness of the wrap-around sweater has combined with the festivity of the holiday sweater. Now, you can have the perfect outfit for all those holiday parties, work meetings, and Christmas day. The wrap-around holiday sweater is this season's absolute must-have.

The wrap-around sweater can come in many styles, varieties, and fabrics. Knee-length, or to the hip, dramatic v-necks or class crew necks, bell sleeves or short sleeves, the wrap-around sweater is versatile enough to suit anybody's tastes. To make it festive enough for the holiday season, opt for a red or green wrap-around sweater. Or seek out a wrap-around sweater specifically designed to be a holiday sweater. These will be especially apparent because they'll be adorned with ornaments, fur trim, snazzy zippers or buttons, shimmery wrap ties, or with holiday designs woven right in with the fabric.

To really dress up your wrap around sweater, match it with a dramatic necklace or some bangle bracelets. If you want to dress it down more, match it with some jeans and a tight fitting graphic t-shirt.