Chihuahua Holiday Sweaters

Like us humans, many of our canine friends need a warm sweater to keep them warm from the blustery winter chill that prevails. And like us humans, many of our canine friends also want to sport something that is festive and seasonal. The quintessential festive dog is the Chihuahua, and since they need a little more warm than most dogs, a Chihuahua holiday sweater is the perfect gift for your dog-friend!

Chihuahua holiday sweaters are an affordable purchase, as the sweater itself requires very little fabric. The sweaters come in all fabrics, and if your dog is picky about the fabric, there is always another fabric that can be chosen.

To give Chihuahua holiday sweater their seasonal feel, look for sweater with adorable holiday touches. Green and red hues, fur-trimmed hoods, cute buttons or zippers, and little ornamental trinkets can make your chihuahua's sweater the most festive, adorable holiday dog sweater on the block.

If you want your Chihuahua sweater to last longer than just the holiday season, consider getting something less festive, and more classic. Warm cream tones, darker greens and maroons will still make your dog look seasonal for the holidays, but he'll also be able to wear it outside the holiday season.