Children's Holiday Sweaters

Everyone knows one of the most adorable sights of the holiday season are beautiful smiling children in gorgeous holiday sweaters. Children love them, adults love them, and everyone will think your child is the most adorable thing they've ever laid eyes on!

Children's holiday sweaters can be tricky, as some kids have preferences when it comes to materials, colors, styles and adornments. Luckily, there is no shortage of beautiful children's holiday sweaters to choose from. If your child thinks classic wools sweaters are itchy, opt for a light or heavyweight cotton sweater. If your child doesn't like the normal seasonal colors, like reds and oranges for autumn, or green and red for Christmas, opt for neutral colors like white or cream with a few seasonal accents. If your child can't stand turtleneck sweaters, opt for classic pullover sweaters or snug fitting cardigans. If your child cannot handle ornate sweaters with glitter or 3-dimensional accents, choose something simple and traditional.

Parents can also add a few extras to the classic holiday sweater for kids. Neutral color or holiday-accented turtlenecks underneath a sweater not only add an extra layer for warmth, but bring out the subtleties of the sweater. Pair the sweater with jeans and a pair of adorable children's loafers, and have a classic "little man" or "little woman" look. Add a cute side swept hair do or a pair of pigtails and your child will look straight out of a catalog!